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This project involved designing a better way for household and commercial customers to have access in online electricity services.

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  • Mobile App Development
  • Web App Development
  • Backend REST API
The eKesco web application user dashboard.

Bringing it together

Mobile app brings quicker and better user experience to users right from their mobile phones. With secure login, user will access dashboard, transactions, calculation, online payments and much more.

With signle account, user can add multile property to manage and switch easly between them, like house, apartment, store etc.. Notifications will be received for all registered meters.

Mobile app menu
Mobile app dashboard


Users now have more access on all transactions, like payments they make and invoices they receive. For each transaction they will have detailed view with all information (and calculation on bills).

eKesco - Invoice Details
An annotation preview popover with statistics for shape perimeter and area.


Notifications are a very good way to engage with users and keep them active on platform. Right now this application is used to notify customers in real-time about new bills, overdue invoices, planned mainenance disconnections, blackouts etc.

Online payments

Another very important feature of this project was to provide users an easy way to make online payments directly from the app. This was accomplished together with TEB Bank which provided digital merchant account to handle a secure payment process. Now the users can make payments directly from the app right after they receive their bills.