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A somewhat comprehensive list of tools, apps, hardware, and more that I use on a daily basis to design and code things. And yeah, that is a Johnny Mnemonic GIF in the background.


  • I use Visual Studio Code as my text editor, with the Atom One Dark theme and Operator Mono as my typeface of choice.
  • Google Chrome is my main browser for both development and general use.
  • Angular and React are my front end Javascript library of choice. The component-centric mental model is the first thing that truly made sense to me as a designer.
  • For CSS I’ve used a myriad pre-processors and css-in-js solutions like styled-components, but these days I’m using vanilla CSS with PostCSS to get upcoming CSS features today.
  • For Javascript animations I use Popmotion Pure 8, it’s a great way to add spring animations to three.js. All other animations are CSS with React Transition Group for enter/exit transitions.
  • For building and testing UI components in isolation I use Storybook. Check out the storybook for this website.


  • Figma is my primary tool for UI design these days. Made the switch from Sketch in 2020 and haven’t looked back.
  • For image manipulation and processing I use Adobe Photoshop. When working with vectors, I use Adobe Illustrator.
  • Any motion graphics I create are created in Adobe After Effects. So far I haven’t found a non-Adobe product that’s as good. If anyone has suggestions please message me.


Laptop2020 Macbook Pro M1
CPUM1 Chip
GPU8 Cores Apple M1 GPU
Memory16GB (M1 chip memory)
MonitorLG 27" 4K UHD with HDR (27UK650-W)
KeyboardLogitech MX Keys
MouseLogitech MX Master 3
HeadphonesApple Airpods Pro
Meetings HeadphonesJabra Evolve2 65
Meetings WebcamLogitech C920s